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  Mali Losinj

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"Villa Margarita", a magnificent aristocracy villa from the 19th century, is located in the center of Mali Losinj. With its beauty and grace it draws the attention of many passersby, while it reveals its true charm only to its guests. Its main characteristics are comfort, rich gastronomical offer and the personnel that provide high quality services.
Completely refurnished hotel consists of ten accommodation units, four apartments and six rooms, with a total capacity of 30 persons the most. All the accommodation units are equipped with air condition, TV with a satellite antenna, telephone and vault. There is also an elevator that makes an easier approach to all rooms for disabled and older people.

A reception desk, aperitif bar with TV room, restaurant with two terraces, and the wine bar with the garden terrace are within the hotel. This is also an outdoor restaurant, open for external guests as well, with the capacity of up to 50 persons. The menu is various, a local, national cuisine are especially cultivated.