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The tradition of Mali Losinj reaches deeply into the 18th Century, when the townsmen became famous for their adventurous sailing across the seas of the World. Their knowledge and many sea-related skills streamed from their naval school, shipyards and observatories.

The town soon grew into a tourist destination, also because of the local climate, which is especially soft and refreshing. In 19th Century, the climate treatment center was built, and it became internationally known right away.

A tourist society logically formed next, and the first hotel, named Vindabona, opened in 1887. The wealthy of those times built their villas in Mali Losinj; like the Villa Carolina and Villa Adelma.

Recognizing the values of their natural surroundings, the people planted still more trees, and seamen brought various rare and peculiar plants all around the world. Thus, Mali Losinj came to be a modern and temperamental township with an international atmosphere of today, where everyone inevitably find something to ones own taste.

There are various theater shows, exhibitions, and concerts, and those gastronomically oriented may concentrate on exploring the numerous restaurants, pizzerias and coffee bars. The people of Mali Losinj are happy to satisfy the wishes of any guest.