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  St. Filip and Jakov
  Getting here
On the unique Adriatic coast, each place is ennobled by particular beauty and atmosphere.

The ancient settlement, developed around the medieval church dedicated to St. Phillip and St. James, offers its visitors the resources of its environment, in particular clean air and sea, magnificent beaches, and the shade of ancient pine forests. The space contains all facilites the visitor might need at any moment. The pleasure of sojourn under the patronage of the two apostoles does not change throughout the year, because in addition to picturesque summer months this place offers the unique experience of staying in other seasons as well.

The little town and its surroundings promise the fulfilment of many sportive and recreational wishes, and those seeking external and internal calm may find it in beautiful strolls. Thus, Sv. Filip i Jakov is an equally interesting destination both to young and to the mature.